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Andrew Horowitz of fame stopped by today to talk about the booming stock market. While some of us believe the rise is due largely to the Federal Reserve's unabashed money printing and convenient liquidity injections, the market is going up and the trend is also up. Therefore, if you don't mind dipping your feet into paper, you might as well maximize your odds of winning. Andrew's new service is a good place to go and as a listener of the Financial Survival Network, you can get a discount off of the first month of service with the following code 462D42F5.

While we are always hesitant to recommend any service, Andrew is a good friend of the show, and he really wants to help you make money in the market.

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The Financial Survival Network presents another precious metals panic report:

Ty Andros, of Traderview and Tedbits, joins us for a precious metals crash report. Gold got slammed-down again, so Ty and I discuss the velocity of money, and the rapid rate at which it continues to fall. The central banks are continuing to print money, but they are actively buying in the futures exchanges. The Chinese have made an art of buying pullbacks, and the US is desperate to mask the monetization of debt. The Federal Reserve has been buying 60%to 90% of all the 10 and 30 year variety treasures, and Bernanke is now saying that gold is not money. Don't be fooled; gold is money! Precious metals have always had and will always have intrinsic value. Hold onto your physical metals because the central banks are trying to buy, buy, buy! YOU should take a page from the Feds book and buy, buy, buy physical holdings of precious metals too!

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