Chris Duane, BrotherJohnF, and Sean of SGTReport joined me again today, Thursday, 4/19, for another round table. We talked about the global financial crisis and what's coming next. We also covered current metal prices, and the reasons why they're stuck in the mud. Finally, we discussed what life will be like once the final collapse happens. These are very important issues that everyone needs to consider. Time is running out on the existing financial paradigm. Everyone needs to understand what this means to you, and how it will affect your lives. 

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Chris Duane joins us for our weekly discussion of the meltdown of the western Economic system. Chris also discusses the weird Blythe Masters interview on CNBC a couple weeks ago. Chris and I agree it seemed totally scripted and was only put out for some very underhanded reasons. Something big is cooking, and obviously JP Morgan is under a lot of pressure and used Blythe’s interview in an attempt to put some good publicity out there.  We have all seen how the Da Boyz can successfully manipulate the market for a few days, but consider that JP Morgan much like the Fed will only admit what they cant hide anymore.

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Joanne "Jo" Nova has made a career of fighting a never ending war against propaganda, media manipulation, and ignorance. Jo is the ultimate climate change skeptic, and she's even written a book about it. From Australia, where she resides, her message resonates around the world; stand up, think for yourself, and stop letting the government think for you. This message, along with many others, is in her book Skeptic's Handbook, which has hit 200,000 copies. Jo is trying to get people to understand there's a lot more to widely held popular beliefs; thus, we all need to question them on a regular basis. 

According to Jo, the current economic crisis is not being caused by a failure of free markets, which haven't been seen around the world for over 100 years. Rather, it's the opposite that is the cause. Jo believes crony capitalism, manipulated central planning, and collectivist tendencies of governments worldwide are what have put us in this protracted economic instability and collapse. 

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