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Although we really don't tend to discuss politics at FSN, Dr. Yaron Brook joins us today to discuss the American Motors of Presidential candidates we've got on the ticket for this year's election. Americans seem ready to vote Obama out, but are we as a nation really embracing the freedom that limited government can provide? Dr. Yaron Brook thinks the Obama healthcare plan is a diaster, but will the Supreme Court repeal it and put it out of Obama's misery?

Clearly, the courts lack a basic understanding of what the constitution means and what its purpose is. The courts have completely misinterpreted the founding document, which outlines a limitation on the role of government such that every law passed by the legislature is supposed to be qualified by its consistency with the constitution. Our government has abandoned the limiting principle that is the Constitution all together. However, Obamacare provides an opportunity for Da Boyz to say that the Constitution doesn't allow the federal government to mandate healthcare. The problem is the Fed has 100 years of precedence suggesting the government has no limits. We have a government out of control, and it will be really interesting to see how this continues to pan out during the election.

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