The lastest jobs number was abysmal. GM's cars are rotting in the dealer lots, and there's just too much negative news to fullly absorb. The debt in Spain falls mainly at the Fed, and there's no possibility of saving the system because it died a long time ago. There's no way to bring the Zombie Banks back to life. So start saving your silver and gold because there's going to be a major upswing shortly. Forget the short term swings, look back over the past 10 years and think where you'd be now, if only you invested in the metals. 

Ty's perspective has been proven right over and over again.

Go to for the latest info on the Economy, Markets and Precious Metals.

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Bix Weir of fame believes there's an extreme derivatives induced meltdown taking place in Europe as we speak. Of course there's the story of a rogue trader from JP Morgan who's taken control of the world CDS market and is bending it to his will: obviously, with little or no supervision from his bosses. How can such things happen in today's financial world, especially after the passage of Dodd-Frank, which was supposed to solve all these problems?

The head of commodities trading at JP Morgan, also accused by some of being the antichrist of precious metals, Blyteh Masters appears for a completely scripted interview on a financial network and proclaims that she's shocked there's gambling and manipulation taking place, because it's so illegal. JP Morgan handles customer orders and hedges. The company has no control or influence over metals prices in any market, because that wouldn't be right. The metals investors have been known to pull out the garlic necklaces and silver crosses! Masters also happened to mention that she just bought a bridge in lower Manhattan and is entertaining offers on it. She proposed setting up EZ Pass toll lanes to charge bikers and pedestrians for the right to cross. It's so comforting to know that she's looking out for the public. 

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Go to for the latest info on the Economy, Markets and Precious Metals.

Ellen Brown has been studying the government debt problem for years and believes she has a solution. Rather than governments borrowing money from banks and outsiders, they should be borrowing directly from central banks. Thus any interest owed would be paid back to the government, eliminating a large portion of the resulting debt burden. Combine this with borrowing only for projects that will generate sufficient revenues to self-liquidate the loans and you have a prescription for responsible government finance. Canada did this successfully until the 1970's, when the Bank for International Settlements stepped in and helped end the practice.

Now, Canada as well as most other developed Western nations, find themselves adopting austerity budgets, which Ellen believes will further accelerate the economic decline and have awful results. While Ellen's theory may sound much like having our cake and eating it too, it is important to understand that nothing else has even come close to working, so every possible option must be explored. 

You can find more of Ellen's unique economic writing at her site,

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