Freedom to pursue your own happiness was guaranteed in the US Constitution. It was a novel, ground-breaking, earth-shattering ideal that has left statists scrambling ever since. The way they take away your freedoms is one at a time. First, they go after freedoms that most people deem unnecessary or repugnant, like using drugs or advertising tabacco. Then they go after the freedoms that matter to you, like speech, the right to defend yourself, buying light bulbs or so many others that are currently under attack. Marijuana prohibitions are supported by law enforcement lobbyists who cash-in, big time. Just follow the money, and you'll see. How much of our law enforcement infrastructure would be turned into surplusage, if the number of prohibitions was dramatically cut back?

And now word comes out that the largest NSA domestic spying center in history is being constructed in a remote part of Utah. As William Binney, former head NSA mathematician and whistleblower said, "We 'this' close to turnkey totalitarianism." Think about that the next time your child asks you about what freedom was like when you were a kid. 

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