Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute for Individual Rights sees a troubling pattern of expanding government that causes great injury to individual rights and the ability of our economy to produce products and services that people want. In addition, the damage done by the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory schemes has caused immeasurable damage to America and its markets. Companies are now avoiding the US markets as a result. 

Therefore, we can never emphasize enough, and we must constantly engage ourselves in the debate of government expansion versus the individual's rights. This issue has been with us since the founding of the Republic, and it has never stayed dormant for so long. Therefore, there is always a need to communicate the message of freedom. The continuing assault can only have one result: totalitarianism and complete subservience to the State. Yaron will be debating David Callahan of the left leaning Demos Institute in Chicago. For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/events/185593294888513/.

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I hadn't reviewed gold prices since early Monday morning. I was surprised to see gold up over $22 per ounce, but Andy wasn't. Ben Bernank spoke today, and he confirmed the rumors that have been flying around. Yes, he's still a money printer, and he has no intention of stopping. Hopefully, he will be stopped before the dollar turns into worthless bits and bytes on computers around the world, but there's no indication that this is about to happen.

Andy and I also discussed how Apple has become the tail, wagging the stock market's dog. As the most valuable company in the world, Apple can not only send computer suppliers and parts makers into an immediate frenzy, it can also do the same to stock markets. It has a disproportionate share of the NASDAQ's valuation as well as the S&P's. So it is truly the bellwether stock of our times. But that doesn't mean the paper markets are at all healthy. The public has dropped them like a group of kids playing catch with a hand grenade. The averages are constantly being whipped around by high frequency trading and by the algorithm boys. So what is anything really worth these days, anyway?

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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan released his budget last week. At first blush, it appeared to be a substantial move in the right direction. It cut spending while decreasing taxation. But the reality is that his budget completely misses the mark. It is still a redistributionist plan that forcibly takes money from the producers and almost as lavishly bestows it upon the beneficiaries. This budget takes less and consequently gives less. In the final analysis, the budget doesn't go nearly far enough to help restore confidence in the rapidly deteriorating status quo.

A fiat currency that can be created by the click of a mouse is what facilitates the ever expanding scope of government and the quickly evaporating purchase power of the once almighty dollar. The results of these policies can lead to nothing but global financial collapse, and we can already see the storm clouds on the horizon. Enslaving the current and future generations with debt is a surefire recipe for lower standards of living and a declining culture. One can only try to be prepared for the inevitable chaos. 

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