David Morgan sits down and gives us an excellent post-mortem report of the Leap Day Metals Massacre. No, it wasn't little green aliens who have a fetish for the shiny metal that drove the price down yesterday, Leap Day 2012. Rather, it was the usual suspects who flooded the markets with sell orders that led to large losses for the day. It's indisputable that the paper silver and gold markets are dominated by certain non-profit sellers, whose main mission is to make the reserve currency look good. For that reason, when the traders see this series of events occurring, they will either step aside and wait until it's safe to go outside again, or they will pile on and extract easy profits.

This is why physical metals purchasers must buy on dips. The dips come often. With volatility on the rise, the dips will keep coming. Therefore, just be aware that prices will remain in a constant state of flux until a new economic system replaces the current failing one. There's really no other way for the individual to protect himself, except by staying out of the cross-fire. Keep your head down and your metals safe. 

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If you bought a lot of precious metals on February 28, 2012, then Leap Day was your nightmare come true. Gold down over $80 per ounce and Silver down over $2. However, today is a new day, and they're both up. While it may take a while for them to achieve new highs, they are quickly going through technical resistance points, and it could happen a lot faster than any of the "experts" believe possible. The key is to accumulate precious metals over time, never make big one-time purchases, unless you can do so at extremely attractive terms and prices. Slow and steady is the way to win the precious metals price race. At times you'll be averaging up and at others you'll be averaging down. But, you won't be experiencing the buyer's remorse that occurs after one of these dramatic pullbacks.

Remember, the price only matters when you're buying. Because, if you're like most precious metals investors, you won't be selling until much later and at much more advantageous prices. Or you may never sell, because gold and silver will be the only currencies accepted universally. Either way, if the time comes to start selling your metals hoard, you'll be purchasing stocks and real estate that are yielding 30 percent per year or more. So turn down the talking heads at CNBC, pop open a beer, and utter some prayers of thanks.

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