The Financial Survival Network hit a major milestone two weeks ago. Our 1 millionth download! For this, we issue a heartfelt thank you to all of you listening out there. You all are what make the show possible. You are the reason why we do this. Your financial health and your family's security is why we're here and why we've been successful. The show has been growing 20-30 percent a month, and we only started in August of 2011. So obviously you see the value, and we are grateful.

We're going to keep giving you information that is often difficult to obtain. If you believe the main stream media, right now you'd be dancing in the streets because the economic recovery is here. But we all know that this is a farce. The recovery hasn't arrived, and it won't for quite a while. This is why you need to be prepared so that you can get through this depression with a large portion of your wealth in tact. So we hope that you'll continue to listen and spread the word. 

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