I got some unexpected great news today. A watch that my friends at Tarrytown Jewelers spent the past several years marketing for me finally sold. I had almost forgotten about it and was completely shocked to hear the news. I immediately decided to take the proceeds and buy some gold or silver there, but there was bad news on that score. While they had some gold in stock, they had purchased it several weeks before the recent decline. Therefore, they were unwilling to sell it at a loss and I was out of luck. You really can't blame them. why should they sell for a loss. They figure that if they hold it for a few more weeks or months, eventually it will go up. And, in my opinion they're probably right.

But, you have to realize there are a number of opportunistic buyers/sellers of bullion for whom it is not their primary business. Rather in the course of their main business, the opportunity often arises for them to buy and sell bullion. While the profit margin is low, so is the risk. They are willing to take the risk for a small but steady profit. However, when precious metals prices hit the fan, they can sustain temporary loses. So rather than simply dump the metal, they take it off the market and wait for prices to rebound. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, this is what usually happens. When enough sellers act in this matter, supply decreases and demand catches up, leading to price rises. So this story is instructive in how these fragmented decentralized physical metal markets actually function.

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JB Glossinger is an extreme example of what happens when motivation meets technology. He has had the number one self-help podcast on iTunes for many years. Inspiring thousands around the world to reach for the stars, Glossinger has shown us there's no limit to what we can achieve, if we set aside our preconceived limiting beliefs and embrace the concept of allowing ourselves to become the success that we were meant to be.

When someone is able to go from being a virtual unknown one moment, to a one man sensation the next, we all need to listen. I listened, and JB became one of my mentors and inspirations in helping me to connect with so many thousands of people around the world. It's time for me to share the inspiration and the overwhelming positive message that JB routinely dispenses. He has a knack for making people believe they're capable of so much more than they ever thought possible. If you like what he has to say, join him daily at www.MorningCoach.com.

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Ward Amirault is a loyal listener who saw the golden light over three years ago. His wife was retiring and had some significant retirement assets that needed to be properly invested. At the same time, the global financial collapse was well underway. Because Ward was able to separate himself from the failing paradigm, he invested in precious metals and is quite happy with the results. However, he is concerned that the time will come where he must sell off a portion of his metal holdings to support him and his wife in their retirement.

Many people will be confronted with similar circumstances. They purchased gold and silver at the right time and have held on to it through many rallies and pull-backs. But at some point their current income will run out and then it will be time to start cashing in on the metals. However, this should always be a last resort. When we look back in history, we will probably see that the current slam down in the metals markets was a disguised buying opportunity that caused a precious few to panic. However, the majority are holding tight and know that eventually their market judgments will be vindicated.

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Our weekly discussion with "Ranting" Andy Hoffman continues. The lengths the powers that be continue to stoop to, in an effort to keep the system from blowing up never ceases to amaze. Today, Bank of America was hitting the $5 mark, which has been a clarion call to the elite financial proprietors to do anything necessary to keep the system alive, even if it means destroying investors around the world. When Andy studies the charts, he sees these transparent maneuvers that have been used over and over again. However, now they are becoming less and less useful and are in fact actually counter-productive. It's like trying to catch falling knives, the danger is obvious, but it is hard to get out of the way.

And most importantly, Miles Franklin and every other reputable bullion seller in the world is not getting any opportunity to repurchase bullion from existing customers. This is strictly a one way trade, where the dealers sell their bullion to customers, wherein it disappears into unnamed storage facilities, never again to see the light of day.

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