Gold has fallen from the mid $1700's to just under $1600 now. If you listen to the mainstream media, and we can't understand why you would, this represents the popping of the precious metals bubble. These financial know it all's are literally frothing at the mouth, they are so excited about the prospects of gold and silver having a down year. Well, in a super-bull market, there's nothing unusual about one or more down years. This situation has occurred during numerous bull markets in stocks, commodities and virtually anything else you can think of. As J.P. Morgan once quipped, "The market will tend to fluctuate." Which shows that when you know which way the market is heading, you really don't need to watch the daily price unless you're looking to buy or sell.

And through the lens of time, this moment in history will prove that if one had resources and a confident opinion, this was an excellent time to buy. Any takers?

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Chris and I finally find some time to sit down and talk. He's just released a new video entitled Technical Difficulties, which deals with the emerging paradigm shift we are all encountering now. This led to a discussion of what our educational system is all about and how it stifles individual creativity and is often just aimed at making people buy into the "Party Line," and forget that they were put on this earth for a purpose. We both agree that there is more to life than taking home a paycheck and watching the latest reality TV show. We are both answering what we hope is a higher calling, which we agree has led to much gratification and sense of purpose.

It was a little more than a year ago when I started my broadcast career. Chris had been doing his economic educational web based learning for a while, but it all seems to have come together in 2011 for both of us. Gratitude does not begin to explain the way we feel about the opportunity to connect with people from countries all around the globe. We are eternally thankful to those souls, who looking for answers, have graced us with their presence. And we both recommit to making 2012 even more productive and exciting to us and to you, our bosses for whom we gladly toil. 

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David Morgan and I discuss the orchestrated precious metals smash down. Volatility is the buzz word of the day. To long term metals investors, this type of slam down is a routine occurrence. It happens over and over again, and each time the mainstream media is shocked by the force of the action. Whether you believe that the end of civilization as we know it is upon us, or you believe that the world will find a way, these are extremely uncertain times that require everyone to be prepared for the most unlikely of events.

David still has a shine for many precious metals stocks, that he believes are trading at extreme discounts. It's times like these that require serious and seasoned investors to simply filter out the noise and concentrate on the fundamentals. And the fundamentals are unchanged and perhaps more favorable to the metal sector than ever before. Governments have gotten neither spending, nor debt under control and don't seem to be very inclined to do so in the near future. This means that until people and governments start to live within their means, not much is going to change and the outlook for gold and silver is quite bright.

So buckle your seatbelt, put on your earplugs and charge ahead. Silver at less than $30 and gold under $1700 per ounce is a virtual fire sale.

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