A security researcher, Trevor Eckhart, recently made a startling discovery. Hidden inside every Android and iPhone is a program called Carrier IQ (CIQ), which is capable of monitoring virtually everything you do on a SmartPhone. And then it has the ability to send all that data back to your wireless carrier and then who knows where it will wind up and how it will be used. Perhaps these phones have become too Smart for our own good.

This is our worst nightmare potentially being realized. With our freedoms being eroded at a rapid rate, this is a biggie. A cellphone is an incredibly personal device that we all assumed was private. Now we find out that even if, Big Brother or Big Sis (Janet Napolitano-Secretary of Homeland Security) haven't actually been listening, they could have been. There's percious little that you can do to disable this program, even if you knew it was working.

CIQ claims that it's all being done for our benefit, to help carriers improve the quality of the service they deliver. Well that makes me feel much better. Perhaps now my calls will no longer be dropped when I pass by a bird feeder or go over a long suspension bridge. The carriers, the phone manufacturers and all responsible parties need to be investigated and punished accordingly.

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Gary Wagner has been a trader and a market technician for over 25 years. In early in 2009 he began to focus his attention on one market: Gold. The yellow metal, gold, began to rally in 2008, but Gary knew the best was yet to come. He believed that gold was poised for an incredible and explosive upside move. Thus the GoldForecast was born. Gary's daily video newsletter is always interesting and often profitable. He uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.

We talked about the invention of paper money by the Chinese in the 10th century and their invention of inflation in the 14th century. Perhaps history doesn't always repeat itself, however, it is rhyming in many chords at the present time. Too many promises have been made without any regard to the abilities of governments to honor them. Gary is by his own admission, "A half full kind of guy," and he believes that humanity will find a way to avert out and out global economic, social and political disaster. However, he believes that the solution will be hard won and very difficult to attain and will be done in the face of disaster. 

Hopefully, Gary is correct in his assessment, but he's still intent in his belief that everyone should be buying to gold as it will continue to dramatically appreciate in price.

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Chris and Kerry continue their conversation on the death of the Fiat Money System. Europe and its large banks have been saved once again, but the end result can never be in doubt. Chris believes that we should all be opting out of the bankrupt system by holding physical silver. There's going to be a lot of chaos, which is bad in the short term, but in the long term a new system will be created that will reward producers and savers. The financial ruling elites are at the rope's end and it won't be long before the non-stop money printing and market manipulation ends in failure. History has shown that inflation can never bring about prosperity, but rather it sometimes brings about the illusion of prosperity for various periods of time. But eventually the debt comes due and there's no money left to pay it, or the money that is left has completely lost its value.

Hyperinflation is the likely result of massive Central Bank interventions. Jim Sinclair calls it QE (Quantitative Easing) to Infinity. Others call it wealth confiscation on a mass scale. Or taxation without legislation.

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