Kip Marlow is a serial entrepreneur who's mission to help unlock your hidden potential. These when you've got a horrible economic climate and the government fighting you every step of the way, you need an edge. Kip help's you look within and find your hidden edge. Once you know where to look it's easy. 

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Eric Peters believes that the government will soon be using technology to limit your speed. Is it possible? Through GPS and 4G LTE it is not only possible, but the automakers will allow it to happen. Ford is at the cutting edge now. So the next time your speedometer hits 80 on the freeway, enjoy the ride, because you may be driving on borrowed time. 

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What The Heck Is Going On Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:


US Debt Has Exploded;


Homeowners premiums exploding because insurance companies can’t make yield;


Swiss and Spanish bond yields are at zero;


Fed Transparency exposed by Dudley;


Even on a quiet there’s so many terrifying things going on;


Oil Inventories are out of control, Cushing is close to maxed out.

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What's going on in Canada? Canadian women i their 50's and 60's  have been taken for over $10 million by virtual gigolos who provide these women with much needed love and affection and companionship. They "Catfish" these women and build up trust over time and get them to send money and other gifts. 

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There's a major worldwide paradigm shift coming. If you're busy numbing yourself with distractions and not preparing yourself, then you're in a world of trouble. Chris believes that your salvation is to invest in yourself. That means you need to learn new skills and to improve your existing skills. That way you'll be able to earn multiple income streams and perhaps even be able to move to another country. The key is that you'll be dynamic and flexible in the new economy. You'll no longer be a sitting duck and you'll be ready for what's going to happen next. 

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Gold Is Up and New York City is going down. Companies are ripping off New York like it's going out of style. Will they every finish the 2nd Avenue Subway, they've been working on it since I was born. And nobody likes Uber except the passengers and the drivers and the shareholders. There's a lender in NYC threatening a lawsuit for illegal hailing. There's a lot happening now, try to keep by listening to FSN. 

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The world of Washington is revolving circle of false promises and misconceptions. There are fewer leaders every term that stand up for the people.


The people deserve leaders who will be direct with where they stand on issues and what they plan to do. After that, the leaders must be accountable to their promises.  We need to hold these officers to the notion of being direct, honest and accountable to the people for their promises.” Isn’t it time for a change?


Alexander Meluskey is running for the United Sates Senate in Arizona because as a citizen legislator, he is gravely concerned with the lack of direction, lack of principles and lack of citizen representation in the halls of government.

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The stats just keep getting stranger and, if you’re a policymaker or an investor, scarier. According to a (now widely publicized) McKinsey & Co study, instead of deleveraging after the debt-induced crisis of 2008-2009, the world borrowed another $57 trillion. And virtually everyone has been expanding their money supply aggressively. 


Conventional economic theory says that double-digit growth in debt and money creation should produce a boom, and that today our biggest problem should be too many people getting big raises at work. Yet that’s hasn't been the case at all.

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Whatever Will Happen Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


Today's article "bad news for precious metals" - of how there never are any, and never will be.


Collapsing global economic data - china, japan, U.S. (ADP, etc.)


Grexit nearly guaranteed now, possibly in April


Iranian oil deal would put nail in coffin of oil price


Yesterday's article (goes up today) "the ultimate trapped rats" - Central banks have no ammo like in 2000, 2008 - rates at zero, balance sheets levered up


Something must give, and soon!

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