Allen Kors looked around at the student loan debt bubble and was appalled. He decided to do something about it and started It's an online marketplace where borrowers can choose from a multitude of lenders to refinance their student loan debt among others. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting and the concept is really starting to take off. Allen expects over 50 lenders to be participating shortly. 

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We connectec with Peter Grandich today after a long hiatus. Peter is pessimistic about the future. The problems are not being addressed and the debt keeps mounting. Individual investors are chasing yield and will wind up getting burned as usual. American dominance, both economic and military is fading and this bodes ill for the world and for Americans. You need to be prepared so you aren't caught flatfooted. 

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What Will Happen Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

We are in a world amuk, with bubbles inflating in late 1999 fashion as the news flow worsens by the minute.  I mean, MCD stock surges on this morning's abysmal sales report?


Never have I seen so many dichotomies, and market manipulations, in so many areas of the global economy/markets.


Greece a goner, no one cares

Oil and copper supplies explode, no one cares

-oil (and copper) now "PPT'd" just as Dow

Economic data plunges, no one cares

-all-time low European yields, more than half of global government bonds below 1%, Eurobor now negative, 10 year bund nearly negative

-aside from oil, copper, and few others, commodities plunging - lumber, iron ore, even rice

-dollar near highs again, killing U.S. business


All out bubble in China/Hong Kong/Japan, all Central bank caused


Nasdaq 5,000, but record low CNBC ratings


Gold at nearly lowest inflation adjusted price ever!

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