George Matheis, Jr., has been trading cops, swat teams and the public for decades about how to avoid and handle trouble if it finds you. He talks about what happened in Baltimore, a place he's very familiar with and how you can avoid similar problems in the future. It's comes down to having a plan. 

Direct download: George_Matheis_Jr_29.Apr.15.mp3
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Best-selling author Wayne Allyn Root says that while Baltimore burns so does the US economy. We're in the midst of the Obama Great Depression. Where are the black fathers, why have they abandoned their families and left their children to fail and lead a life of failure. Before the Great Society started the number out of Wedlock Black Births was less than 15 percent. Today it is many times over that number. Obviously the so-called War On Poverty has accomplished the opposite of its stated purpose. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_29.Apr.15.mp3
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Fed meeting!

-all about death of their credibility

-can't let stocks fall for even a few percent with economy, confidence collapsing

-GDP report, and ALL economic data - worldwide!


Chinese QE?

-would be global game changer, and presage Yuan devaluation (and likely gold reserves announcement)



WAR ON MONEY! - per article yesterday

-capital controls, NIRP, FATCA/FBAR

-JPM no coins in safe deposit boxes, no big cash withdrawals

-Switzerland, closed all loopholes to NIRP

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_29.Apr.15.mp3
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You've seen Pamela on TV; she left behind a flourishing acting career to raise three children and see that they were properly educated. Now she's following her passion to help struggling children turn their education around and get them into the college of their dreams, writing two best-selling books in the process. While the public education system continues to let down larger and larger numbers of children, Pamela has developed highly effective strategies that help your children succeed. She's built a high level team of tutors that make learning fun and can turbo-charge your child's learning process. It doesn't cost a fortune and come college time, it will reap huge dividends in terms of grants and scholarship. Finally, there is a solution to the broken-down public education system!

Direct download: Pamela_Donnelly_28.Apr.15.mp3
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Nick Barisheff author of Gold $10,000 joined us today. He says that China will soon disclose its massive gold hoard in an effort to join the IMF and have its currency included in the SDR (Special Drawing Right) which will become the new global reserve currency. This should have the effect of pushing up the price of gold dramatically. Are the Dollar's days as the reserve currency limited? No one would be surprised to hear that they are, only that the end could be so near. 

Direct download: Nick_Barisheff_28.Apr.15.mp3
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Ivan believes that the Iranian Nuclear deal is a good deal for America, especially in light of the choices available. That will be seen in the future, but Ivan's view is clearly held by a minority and for good reasons in light of their past behavior. 

Direct download: Ivan_Eland_28.Apr.15.mp3
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John Gaver is Editor & Publisher of the popular webzine, ActionAmerica(, which he describes as an "original intent conservative" publication. He and his articles have been cited in the national media and a number of his articles have been widely distributed in financial and political newsletters. In "The Rich Don't Pay Tax ...Or Do They?" John Gaver undertakes a critical look at official IRS personal income tax collections data, to determine who really does or does not pay US personal income tax and what portion of the tax load each income group pays. He goes on to examine how fair or unfair that outcome may be. Then, in a step-by-step manner, he shows how this disparity in our tax system has created an unintended consequence that is quietly, but very seriously undermining our economy and now presents a critical threat for rich and poor, alike. His conclusion is that the only logical choice is the Fair Tax. 

Direct download: John_Gaver_27.Apr.15.mp3
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John wrote this week about the war on cash. As usual FSN is ahead of the curve. We wrote last March about Operation Dirty Money, the US Government's ongoing effort to eliminate currency from circulation. Now in the era of negative interest rates, this effort has become a war. JP Morgan Chase amended their safe deposit box rental agreement to forbid storage of currency and non-collectible coins, in other words bullion from their customers' safe deposit boxes. A Swiss bank just refused a pension fund's request to convert its bank account into cold cash. What's next, debit cards for all? We'll soon know when the Powers That Be make that decision for us. Of course it's all for our own good. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_4-27-15.mp3
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Jordan Eliseo is the Chief Economist for ABC Bullion out of Australia. For those not in the know, they're a large vertically integrated precious metal and gold bullion specialist. Jordan and I discussed what's going on in the International Economy, particularly China and Australia. It seems that the wave of financialization has hit the shores of the Land Down Under too. Just as in the US, the Aussies have been struck by the phenomena of too big to fail. And their reaction has been similar. Now their economy has been tanking with the decline in commodities, whereas for much of the financial crisis they appeared to be riding high. Jordan believes, as do many, that gold will again rightfully assert its role in the international monetary system. It's virtually unavoidable. 

Direct download: Jordan_Eleseo4-24-15.mp3
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More and more appliances are being connected to the internet these days. I have an internet wired alarm clock. Others have internet connected refrigerators and coffee makers. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not built firewalls and other basic security into these devices which has left an opening for malicious hackers. Therefore, your internet enabled coffee pot could in fact lead them to all your credit cards and banking info. So be careful and change your passwords on a regular basis. It could be your only protection. 

Direct download: Paul_Oster_23.Apr.15.mp3
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Bill Tatro former radio guy and master communicator says that when it comes to Hillary Clinton getting elected, all it takes is a lot of money and a lot of chutzpah and she'll be the next president. Of course the Clintons have never had a shortage of either, except when they left the White House when they were "flat broke." With today's low information voter who votes with her emotional barometer rather than any sense of the country's well-being, it's distinctly possible that Bill is right. Then again, with the scandal of the swirling around Hillary, who knows? 

Direct download: Bill_Tatro_23.Apr.15.mp3
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Gold and Silver haven't been this attractive since 2007. Gold relative to the S&P 500 hasn't been this good since 2007. Silver is now priced below the price of production. Even the Silver to Gold ratio is now relevant. The level is extremely low, silver is so low and attitudes are so bad that people are now spitting on the metals, which means that they're set up to go higher. It's just a question of when, but when it does, watch out. We just don't know what the catalyst will be. Ned believes the dollar topped out three months ago and major movements will be happening soon.  

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_23.Apr.15.mp3
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Today's Fed is taking a page out of Islamic Finance, zero percent interest rates is an idea who's time has come. Except for our erstwhile born again student loan debtor. Seems he discovered religion too late. He borrowed before he became devout and now if he doesn't pay back his loans, he's not going to enter paradise when he dies, too bad. 

Did you hear about how Wisconsin was breaking down people's doors on a political witch hunt, all in the name of opposing Scott Brown's anti-public union agenda? Well it actually happened to a number of people in the Badger State. 

California the once Golden State is falling to pieces. There's a complete failure of leadership and the middle class is becoming an endangered species. Sad but true. What can be done, probably not much as the productive people flee the state in droves for places like Texas and Florida. 

Direct download: TLR_383.mp3
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Allen Kors looked around at the student loan debt bubble and was appalled. He decided to do something about it and started It's an online marketplace where borrowers can choose from a multitude of lenders to refinance their student loan debt among others. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting and the concept is really starting to take off. Allen expects over 50 lenders to be participating shortly. 

Direct download: Allen_Kors_22.Apr.15.mp3
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We connectec with Peter Grandich today after a long hiatus. Peter is pessimistic about the future. The problems are not being addressed and the debt keeps mounting. Individual investors are chasing yield and will wind up getting burned as usual. American dominance, both economic and military is fading and this bodes ill for the world and for Americans. You need to be prepared so you aren't caught flatfooted. 

Direct download: Peter_Grandich_22.Apr.15.mp3
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What Will Happen Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

We are in a world amuk, with bubbles inflating in late 1999 fashion as the news flow worsens by the minute.  I mean, MCD stock surges on this morning's abysmal sales report?


Never have I seen so many dichotomies, and market manipulations, in so many areas of the global economy/markets.


Greece a goner, no one cares

Oil and copper supplies explode, no one cares

-oil (and copper) now "PPT'd" just as Dow

Economic data plunges, no one cares

-all-time low European yields, more than half of global government bonds below 1%, Eurobor now negative, 10 year bund nearly negative

-aside from oil, copper, and few others, commodities plunging - lumber, iron ore, even rice

-dollar near highs again, killing U.S. business


All out bubble in China/Hong Kong/Japan, all Central bank caused


Nasdaq 5,000, but record low CNBC ratings


Gold at nearly lowest inflation adjusted price ever!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_22.Apr.15.mp3
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Jason Burack joined us today for a brief history lesson on the beneficial aspects of dividend investing and why they can greatly increase your overall returns. We also examined the current state of the Oil Patch and what's ahead for the industry. There's approximately 250,000 people newly unemployed in the industry according to our pal Dr. Frackenstein, with more on the way. Jason's got a special offer on his latest Dividend Report. Just go to and use the code WS4MS25. 

Direct download: Jason_Burack_21.Apr.15.mp3
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Danielle Park joined us today for a discussion of the numerous alarming trends that continue unabated. The Greek Tragedy of yes, we have no bananas is rapidly approaching its final act. The debt supercycle keeps on keeping on, until it can no longer. Government in California goes into hyper-absurdity as they go into water rationing while they waste half their water attempting to save an already near extinct fish. When will the madness end? Simple, when markets are allowed to function. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_21.Apr.15.mp3
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John writes, "In a fiat currency system, perception is, by definition, everything. Paper money has no intrinsic value. So the people saving it and accepting it in exchange aren’t expressing faith in the money itself but in the competence and honesty — and power — of the institutions managing it. Let that faith erode and those slips of colored paper and ephemeral computer bits revert to their intrinsic value.

And on the credibility front, the trends aren’t encouraging. Consider the coverage of this weekend’s Washington DC meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, two global financial institutions that the US dominates."


Direct download: John_Rubino_21.Apr.15.mp3
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The Revel Casino sold for little more than 3 cents on the dollar in a recent bankruptcy auction. The now vacant Showboat Casino could return as a satellite campus for Stockton University. The Caesars Retail Pier is being reinvented as a major music venue. Other things are also happening, but is it enough to turn around Atlantic City, home of the hit show Boardwalk Empire? 

Direct download: Kelsey_Butler_15.Apr.15.mp3
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Whatever It Takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


Today's article - not yet published - "The Liar King"


Who's lying more?


U.S. economic recovery propagadists

Chinese economic data

The new "Oil PPT"

Greek "no Grexit" and/or "no contagian" propagandists

The gold Cartel


Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_15.Apr.15.mp3
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Financial Literacy's Dark Side: It's Not Always Safe on Main Street - Financial literacy is meant to empower consumers to be smart with their money, save effectively and grow their wealth. From Shady Financial advisors who make more than you do, financial classes that do not work & fraud that could follow you for life – learn how to navigate the often treacherous terrain of personal finance is key to moving ahead with TheStreet’s Personal Finance experts.

Direct download: Scott_Gamm_14.Apr.15.mp3
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Mark Podolski has been making his living buying vacant and reselling it since 2001. He knows of people making six figure monthly incomes using his system. His system then has investors selling their properties on eBay!, Craigslist and many other places. The process is simple and extremely profitable. 

Direct download: Mark_Podolsky_14.Apr.15.mp3
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Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy and Comrade di Blasio refuses to endorse her, what's going on here? Marco Rubio has announced his candidacy, is he running for VP? New York City's pension funds have been looted of $2.5 billion over the past decade, has anyone been watching the store? And what about common core, is it rotten to the core? Gold is back to down just under $1200, do you smell manipulation? I sure do. 

Direct download: TLR_381.mp3
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Here’s one for the “seriously, you’re surprised?” file: China pegs its currency, the yuan, to the dollar, the dollar soars, taking the yuan with it…and fewer foreigners buy suddenly-much-more-expensive Chinese products. Duh.


China’s Export Engine Loses Steam, Adding to Growth Pressure


China’s exports "unexpectedly" slumped last month, eroding the outlook for one of the economy’s better performing areas in recent months.

Overseas shipments fell 14.6 percent in March from a year earlier in yuan value, the customs administration said in Beijing on Monday. That compared with the median estimate for an 8.2 percent rise in a Bloomberg News survey of analysts. Imports slid 12.3 percent, leaving a trade surplus of 18.16 billion yuan ($3 billion).


The export declines come as China grapples with overcapacity and a property slump. The country’s central bank has relaxed rules on home purchasing, cut interest rates twice and reduced the ratio of reserves banks are required to set aside in the past six months, with economists forecasting further stimulus.


“Consumption is weak, investment is decelerating, and now exports have come in as weaker-than-expected,” said Liu Xuezhi, an economist with Bank of Communications Co. in Shanghai. “Downward pressure on economic growth is increasing, making it more urgent for the government to start rolling out more pro-growth policies.” All thanks to the Dollar-peg according to John and FSN and you know what's going to happen next, broken Dollar-peg and more QE. 



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