Consumer credit appears to be crashing, and the rate of increase on credit card debt is slowing down, which means that there has never been a more opportune time to pay off your credit cards than now. Paul Oster, the CEO of Better Qualified, comes on the show to unpack what’s happening with consumer credit, and why it is sinking at this particular time. Paul describes all of the pressures of the economy that are pushing the consumers under water; with providers raising prices left and right, driving costs up, it’s getting difficult to tread water. Ultimately, we must change our behavior if we want a brighter, debt-less future. These changes can start with small savings, such as eliminating various monthly subscriptions. Paul says that consumers are often surprised to find that they have more money than they think, and have merely been spending it in the wrong places. Tune in for more insight. 

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This wouldn’t be the Financial Survival Network if we didn’t talk about how to prosper and thrive in a less than ideal economy. Thankfully, Dave Valentine appears in this episode to provide a unique perspective on how to do this—offering solutions you may have neglected to consider until now. Dave owns seven businesses that collectively generate over $1 billion for major clients and, in short, he knows a thing or two about growing a business. In the age of social media and digital marketing, we often dismiss “old-school” methods of communication (i.e. direct mail), but Dave claims that the resurgence of some of these tactics has yielded much success. Revisiting tried and true marketing strategies with an irresistible offer for clients could just save your business in this economy. Tune in for more details.

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Financial Survival Network
Dave Valentine

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