Is there such a thing as “good” and “bad” money? How can you successfully reach your income goals and feel good about them? Bestselling author Derrick Kinney comes on the show to talk about this, highlighting some tips that he shares in his recent book, Good Money Revolution. Derrick says that if you can connect purpose to profits, then you have a greater cause driving you to get up and run your business, which is ultimately a good thing. Furthermore, if you want 2023 to be a better year financially, it’s important to assess how you can add value to your existing role and prioritize productivity. There’s a great chance that you can find the revenue increase you’re looking for within the career you already have—it just requires some creative thinking. Tune in for more of Derrick’s expertise, and use the link below to access the first five chapters of his book for free.

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The most recent consumer credit read was announced, and the number is quite interesting. What is going on exactly, and what is the Fed going to do about it? Matthew Johnson, President and CEO of Johnson Wealth and Income Management, comes on the show to discuss this topic and strategies for addressing the credit problem. Consumer debt started to fall off in December of 2022, yielding $7.3 billion. This signaled the start of a cut in spending, wherein consumers are beginning to feel the pinch of high costs and re-evaluate their expenses. Unfortunately, the average consumer is not in a position where their wages can support their buying needs, causing an increase in credit card debt. We should expect at least two more rate hikes before the Fed decides to halt, and it’s crucial to start planning for the challenges that lay ahead. Tune in to find out how you can start preparing now. 

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