We were joined by Trillion Energy’s (TCF 🇨🇦: TRLEF 🇺🇸: Z62 🇩🇪) CEO Arthur Halleran for a sponsor update. First, Art dispelled all concerns of a possible equity raise. He explained that the ongoing drill program well-funded, with materials and consumables for the first 7 wells currently being warehoused at their onshore facility. The company has ample cash on hand, and as additional wells come on-stream, cash flow will only increase. They received a $6.9 million cash call from their partner and another $7 million is expected in March. Art emphasized that he is not looking to dilute his shareholdings any further.

To date, Trillion has drilled 4 wells to completion. Two are producing, and the other two are awaiting equipment to finish perforation and production. The equipment has been delayed slightly due to the recent earthquake. Art explains, this is nothing out of the ordinary. When you’re drilling in water, logistics issues always arise. One of these wells is quite prolific, with 73 meters of measured pay. Once production ramps up, Art expects cash flow to double from its present level.

He had more good news; SASB reserves are going up substantially. As the company drills more wells and produces ever more gas, reserves are soaring. Trillion’s reserve valuation, a net present value basis, is way higher. And the increase will continue as more wells come on-stream, at least 13 for 2023 and even more for 2024. With more wells, comes more cash flow. At some point, the market will make a startling discovery that Trillion is selling at a huge discount. Once perception equals reality, shareholders like us will see huge returns on their investment.


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