Tier One Silver’s (TSXV: TSLV, OTCQB: TSLVF) CEO Peter Dembicki and Exploration SVP Christian Rios provided us with a sponsor update. Extensive CSAMT surveying has identified two promising copper porphyry targets. Drill targets are currently being defined. This will be a focus of their Q2 ’23 5000-meter drill program.

CEO Dembicki explains that “While silver remains the focus at Curibaya, we have a fantastic potential porphyry target … that can’t be ignored. We’re on a prolific copper porphyry belt in Southern Peru with many giant mines, all within 100 kilometers of us to the north and south. We just happen to be in a fortunate situation where we have a preserved precious metals epithermal system and then residing below is this potential copper porphyry target.”

SVP Rios said, “We believe the targets we’ve identified could be associated with a porphyry copper system at depth, particularly considering the absolute dating results, which indicate the mineralization to be from the Paleocene era. This provides further evidence that we are in the correct regional environment as the similar Paleocene-aged giant porphyry copper deposits nearby. We look forward to testing these strong targets in our next drill campaign.”

CEO Dembicki reflected that while metals’ prices have come roaring back ($24 silver and $4 copper) and Tier One’s share price is up 50%, it’s still very early in the cycle and he’s expecting a major move ahead.

Once the next drill program commences, Tier One will become the tier one choice for sector investors, which is why we’re maintaining our position.

Visit the company’s website at www.TierOneSilver.com.

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As fraud crimes become more prevalent, it’s crucial to adapt and have a strategy in place to protect all of your assets. Cyber security expert Robert Siciliano comes on the show to talk about how you can stay protected and why you should—explaining how it’s one of the simplest and smarted decisions you can make. Security measures are not for the paranoid; rather, simple security systems allow any person to be a more difficult target, and to maintain an attitude of vigilance and determination. Robert talks about options for home security and the variety of cameras and products available based on your preferences. We also discuss financial asset protection, and Robert names some free tools that can assist you in protecting your credit and identity. Tune in for more information about how to stay secure.

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We have a big week ahead—with the potential for lots of turmoil—and John Rubino joins us in this episode to discuss what we can expect out of it. Three big central banks are having meetings this week and are supposed to raise interest rates. This implies the potential for surprise, and to induce one of two outcomes: sending the markets into a relief rally or sending stocks crashing. With uncertainty of what the outcome of these meetings will bring, there has undoubtedly been a shrinkage of trust amongst individuals. People are growing hesitant to trust larger systems, seeking out ways to attain food, education, and healthcare not mandated by the government and large corporations. With money being one of the largest systems of all, many are investigating alternatives to help secure their capital in the event that the system fails us. Tune in for more insight.

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