Noted economist John R. Lott, Jr.,  rejoins us for a discussion of what life would look like under a Biden administration. Beto O'Rourke would be put in charge of gun confiscation and expect the lock downs to last many lifetimes. But there's hope, Trump's latest Supreme Court pick, Amy Barrett is a pro-second amendment jurist who believes in the sanctity of the constitution and it's acknowledgment of rights granted by the creator. No wonder the Dems are demanding a court-packing scheme to allow them control of the Federal Courts. 

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First-time guest Robert Kientz gives a close-up view of the latest market rigging scheme by JP Morgan. Like so many other settlements, they neither admitted or denied the truth of the charges that they rigged precious metals markets through a variety of manipulation schemes, such as bid spoofing and other nefarious deeds. One billion dollars is just the cost of doing business for the mega-bank. Expect more mis-deeds and more misbehavior in the years ahead. The king is dead, long live the king. 

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