GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod joined us today for an extensive discussion of the collapsing dollar. Alasdair believes that the current state of the Fed guarantees a hyper-inflationary collapse. And that means that investments, savings and pensions will become near worthless. Of course precious metals will go exponential. Real estate and other property will initially lose its value but will recover down the road. Alasdair equates the current situation with France's Mississippi Bubble. John Law controlled the central bank and printed money with complete abandon. In the end disaster resulted and revolution. The Fed is following the same course and we can all expect similar results. Thereby, leaving gold and silver and lead as your ultimate salvation. 

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Martin Saenz brings social good into smart investing. Martin is a Managing Partner of Bequest Funds. Renowned as a thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry, Martin
is generous with his first hand expertise, to the benefit of his many clients and followers. Genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world through profitable business, he works hard to share and spread success. Together with business partner Shawn Muneio, Martin co-founded Bequest Funds with the dual purpose of helping investors grow their wealth and helping mortgage borrowers stay in their homes. Martin owned and operated multiple successful companies prior to launching
Bequest. A successful entrepreneur and real estate investor for over 15 years, he brings a high level of strategy and experience to the Bequest model. He has directly helped over a thousand families stay in their homes, and countless more through the influence of his mentorship.

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