There's an old saying that when you've dug yourself a hole, stop digging. George explains why we'll probably get more inflation and why the dollar could go down on the DXY index. George also explained the GTA (General Treasury Account) and why there's $1.6 trillion dollars sitting there. Eventually, we're going to a US crypto dollar. Right now we're seeing the supply chain decreasing and the supply chain is supplying less goods and that's a recipe for higher consumer prices. There's lots more great stuff here. 

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President Trump tweeted an attack on hoards of people who took over six blocks of downtown Seattle by force. (Isn’t that cultural appropriation?) He called them anarchists and terrorists. What a racist! If only he’d be a uniter instead of a divider. The Seattle Times was appalled and reported that President Trump had accelerated his threats against Seattle. The article painted insurgents with AR-15’s (aren’t they supposed to hate those things?) as victims and Donald Trump, of course, as the perpetrator. With such twists of the truth and propaganda, the Times is helping these criminals get more donations of food and city services from the same people and institutions those criminals rabidly hate. Doesn’t that make the Times, Seattle’s Leftist Mayor and its embarrassing Governor accessories after the fact?

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The situation across the nation is dire. The violent Left has finally made their move. Expecting imminent defeat in the 2020 presidential election, they embarked upon a plandemic and a wave of violence and social unrest not seen in this country before. If they win, it will be because the vast majority of people sat back and did nothing. The deep state is manipulating these events in an effort to maintain power. Trump is their personal kryptonite. On the surface it appears as it they're winning. But are they? 

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