WHO official walks back statement that asymptomatic transmission is 'very rare'


The Social Distancing Double Standard is Real and Absurd

Always beware of people from the government who want to help you. Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D. is a best-selling author of Hormones, Health and Happiness.

He discusses the pandemic and the overblown world reaction to it. As an example, he points out the a World Health Organization [WHO] official on Tuesday attempted to clarify a previous statement about coronavirus transmission by asymptomatic individuals being “very rare.”

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO infectious disease epidemiologist, said there had been "misunderstandings" about her comments made on Monday. Yes, evidently she told the truth and undermined the entire reason for the lockdown. In a Facebook Live video, Van Kerkhove said asymptomatic people can in fact spread the virus, though the degree to which they can is unknown.

"We do know that some people who are asymptomatic or some people who don't have symptoms can transmit the virus on," she said. "What we need to better understand is how many people in the population don't have symptoms and, separately, how many of those individuals go on to transmit to others." She said she was referring to two or three studies when she made her statement on Monday. So was she lying when she said it or when she took it back. 



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The virus is being used to shutdown the world economy for the climate change group. They’re cooperating with socialists as well. They’ve all gotten together to change the world economy. When it’s done the socialists will turn against the billionaires, Gates, Soros, Steyer, etc. Europe is done and falling apart. The two proposals will be eliminating all paper money, they’ll be forced to spend it and bring it back to the banks. Bond markets in Japan and Europe have been destroyed. They do invountary conversions of perpetual bonds, you’ll get an interest payment but you’ll never be able to redeem. Never get involved with government paper. They set the rules and there’s no way to fight it. 

The Socialists are being led by Thomas Picketty in France. A convergence of climate change people and socialists who are deliberately destroying the global economy. The end of western civilization. The financial world capital will move from the US to China. There’s no reversing the trend. That’s why they’re so intent on getting rid of Trump. 

The Dems are trying to convert to a fully digital dollar to force everyone into depositing all funds into banks. 

By all accounts they’re trying to stifle gold and silver and cryptos. Metals won’t be usable. Equities could be the safest place to put funds. Real estate might pick up after. Socialism is collapsing. 

A paradigm shift towards the stock market is occurring. Have to look at the indexes differently. Nasdaq is becoming the blue chips. Old brick and mortar are failing so the Dow is on the downside. That’s why the Nasdaq is leading. We’re moving away from the old world order. Last Christmas online sales beat mall sales. 

This is not a racial issue and it’s not a new issue. Police immunity is wrong. 40 million people are unemployed and are losing it. It’s called a race riot but it’s really a rebellion against the shutdown. Everytime you have an economic decline and unemployment rises, you’ll always get civil unrest. 

Over 300 million people have lost their jobs around the world. Statue removal is about anger towards the decline. They’re going to try for another lockdown to influence the election. Martin believes they’re seriously underestimating the American people. They better not try this again!

Dow could still make a new low after a retest. Then we’ll see a slingshot higher in 2022. We’re seeing charts never seen before. We saw the Dow take out the 2019 high and 2019 low this year. A collapse in confidence in the government. Smart money is going to equities to be liquid and movable. Gold will be for individuals. Europe may confiscate gold this time around. We’re going to see stock markets go higher and higher in the decades ahead. 

Mass exodus out of cities is happening now. So many people are moving out of draconian Blue States. New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc., are all dying. Tax burdens are going up and this will feed the outflow. New York City will be the new Rome. RV sales are way up for this reason. The urban cycle has peaked and declined. 

Inflation shouldn’t be upsurging soon. The world is having a major dollar shortage, over 100 countries have applied for relief from the IMF. The Fed can’t hold up the entire world. The demand is so great for dollars that we’re not seeing inflation here. 

To Gen Z, look toward tech. They’re not going to have the freedoms that we’ve come to take for granted. Look how easily it happened with the lockdown. And they’re just getting started. 

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