Does unlimited money mean ever rising stock prices and all asset classes? Just look at Tesla, hovering around $1000 per share. It may be working, but it also assures ever rising gold and silver prices and we're just getting started. Many of our company's sponsors have seen major gains in their stocks and there may very well be on the way. The economy is a mess and may never recover. A Covid second wave could be on the way. The election is devolving into utter chaos and madness. So where else do people turn to protect their wealth and families? 

We also discuss the toppling of statues and the cancel culture. Those who erase history won't even realize that they haven't learned from it. They even tearing down statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Teddy Roosevelt. 

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The Target Coup d’État Completion Date

End-July 2020

The Methods:
Precision Planning to Execute a Military Coup Implemented

in Sequence per the Following Steps:

Key Events:

  •   COVID-19

  •   Leftist Violent Demonstrations

  •   Military Insubordination over Insurrection Act

  •   Systematic Weakening of U.S. Economy

  •   COVID-20

  •   Death of U.S. Economy

  •   China Goes to War Against USA

    The Goal:
     Removal of President Trump By Either

    Resignation Or
    Implementation Section IV of 25th Amendment

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