Kirk Chisholm was most recently ranked the #7 most influential Financial Advisor in the US by Investopedia. He is a 20-year veteran wealth manager and has been a consistent thought leader in the wealth management industry with his innovative ideas and focus on helping people make their lives better. Unlike many, Kirk isn't pushing various bank's products, rather he's about helping you to develop an investment philosophy that will work for you. He's not married to any particular sector, but rather is looking for what's the right sector for you. And that could be real estate, tax lien investing and almost any sector that you have an expertise in and the ability to capitalize upon. That's what makes Kirk very unique in this world. 

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David Erfle's Junior Miner Junky has compiled an enviable record picking junior gold and silver mining stocks that have substantially appreciated. David says now's the time to start cashing in on the gold/silver bull market that's been underway for a while, but now should be kicking into high gear. Precious metals and miners got creamed during the March crash (along with everything else), but since then they've not only recovered, but have gone back to prior levels, with some stocks putting in new 52 week highs. But you didn't miss the rally, for the best is yet to arrive. Following David's Top Ten List could help you cash-in on what's to come. 

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It’s hard to believe that in less than 1 year Osino Resources stock price has tripled. Like most stocks Osino took a hit in March, but rapidly rebounded, recently hitting a new 52 week intra-day high of $1.20(CAD). And it’s no accident. CEO and Founder Heye Daun started two successful companies before Osino that were eventually sold-off for major gains. It looks like the third time will truly be the charm. So far, Osino has had one successful drill hole after another. This year it has embarked upon an ambitious 20,000 meter drill program, of which 10 percent has been completed. There’s been a slight delay due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but Namibia has reopened for business and it should be smooth sailing ahead. Best of all, Heye has the cash to get it done. Fortuitously, the Company did a major capital raise in January, before the pandemic. It now has enough cash for two years of operations. Look forward to a maiden resource in sometime during the first half of 2021. (Disclosure: Shareholder and FSN Sponsor). With everything it has going for it, no doubt more big gains are ahead. TSXV:OSI

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