Ellis Martin has been covering the resource sector for over 2 decades. Ellis discusses how he got into it. He was doing radio and realized there was no money in it, except for the superstars. He was looking for work and answered an ad in the LA Business Pages. He walked into the company's offices looking to become their media director. Instead, they hired him as a salesman. He lasted less than 2 years and then took off on his own. Ellis is a journalist who provides mining company execs a platform to present their companies to the public. To think it all started when as a youth Ellis started a rock collection. Who would have ever thought that his career would be rock collecting on a larger scale?

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Lior Gantz joined us in Vancouver to talk not about mining stocks, but crypto-currencies instead. There's over 1000 of them now. Have crypto-currencies replaced precious metals? When Bitcoin was created, the intent was not to create a currency, but rather a peer-to-peer payment system that would reduce transaction costs. It has evolved into a currency/store of value and with it have have come the imitators. But gold and silver are safe. At the same time, expect these cryptos to keep growing and seeking acceptance. 

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In Vancouver we connected with Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. He gave a speech concerning government misdirection and distraction. The Art of War is taught in every business school, law school and all the military college the world over. The clearly applies to the precious metals markets anomalies, which are still present and largely a result of this mindset. Why does JP Morgan have the largest silver paper short position and at the same time is accumulating the largest physical hoard of silver in history? Interesting question that Andy answers in a different and interesting way. 

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John McCain strikes again. I guess revenge really is a dish best served cold, because McCain will soon be at room/ground temperature, but we only wish him the best of health and a lengthy retirement. On to tax reform, will they do it? Don't be surprised is the Obamacare Repeal magically rises from the dead. Like Trump says, it is imploding. 20 out of 24 Healthcare Coops have folded their tents. But whatever happens, remember, happiness is always an inside job. You don't need to react and be influenced by externalities. The world is the world. 

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Mickey joined us in Vancouver. He thinks we're seeing unexpected seasonal strength in the yellow metal. Geopolitical concerns have been driving the advance, along with Fed Chair Janet Yellen's recent very dovish comments. Gold held up above $1200 and we may very well have seen the last test of lows for a while. The Greenback has been plummeting recently as per President Trump's stated preference. The Canadian Dollar has recently shot up. Is this a permanent state of affairs. Could be good for gold. 

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