Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute’s Executive Director John Heubusch joins us to discuss media bias against Trump especially in light of the pending investigation/attacks from the Media.

Reagan won the American people over because he was open and direct. Heubusch implores Trump stick to Reagan’s blueprint if he hopes to succeed in the way his predecessor did.

In a recent piece for the Daily Caller, John Heubusch argues: “To be like Reagan, Trump should be unwavering in his promotion of American principles...Reagan consistently demonstrated strength, but wrapped it in optimism, humility and humor. He knew the American people would respond when he reminded them of this country’s great past, and its promising future.”

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Gold back down to 200 moving average. -Each time it’s done that it gone higher. Markets are breaking down. Silver is lagging because it's typical speculators are heading over to crypto currencies. The agricultural index just hit an all time high. You won't be able to afford a ribeye steak next year. Get ready. It will all become apparent this fall after the harvest. 

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Our good friend Jason Hartman joined us for a look at the illusion of wealth through debt creation or fake wealth. Has the US been getting poorer or richer since it went off the gold standard. On the one hand, technology has certainly been a prime mover of improving living standards. On the other, stay at home mothers are virtually a thing of the past. How do you reconcile the two?

On a related top, self-liquidating debt on investment properties is on the of the best and most profitable ways to play the currency debasement game. You have an income producing property whose cash flow will continue to increase, while the tenant effectively pays off your mortgage. 

Unfortunately, everyone has gotten in on the game as witnessed by the fact that there's a shortage of these cash flow properties in the market now. 



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Nick Santiago is one savvy trader. He was spot-on as far the stock market going higher, last time we spoke. He believes that there's still some life left in the old bull, mainly because there's so much pessimism out there. The dollar is going to recoup its recent losses and this will lead to a continued breakdown in commodities. Gold and silver will continue trading in their current ranges for the foreseeable future. Euro is doomed after all. Much more here to digest. 

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