Mark Tapson warns us to beware of Leftists bearing gifts of kindness. They don't mean it and in fact they don't embrace solutions, they merely project a caring image. It worked for a long time, and then they met Trump. Now it's not working out so well for them. There's a lot of unhappiness with their current strategy and that seems to be increasing by the day. Perhaps one day the right will learn how to fight fire with fire, but until that day comes along, they should be grateful to the President!

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Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen is backing away from normalizing interest rates. The economy is too weak, it's hooked on easy money and this will have very negative long term effects for the economy and the world. But perhaps once we hit bottom, we'll be forced to take a hard look at all the economic corruption and incompetence and come up with something better. At least Danielle Park hopes that's the case. The final chapter has yet to be written. 

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Noted retail authority Howard Davidowitz joined us today for a review of the ongoing liquidation of the America's retailing giants. There's little good news on the retail front. Sears, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Payless Shoes and so many other former household names will soon be part of the wreckage filled bankruptcy history. Employment, real estate and so many other parts of the economy are changing at light speed. The only hope is to allow the economy to adapt by deregulating and encouraging entrepreneurship. There is no other way out. And on that score President Trump is on the right track. 

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