The world is a very uncertain, unstable place. The US economy is under great pressure. The potential for civil unrest and governmental abuse and confiscation of property is ever present. That's why Mark Nestmann believes in having a Plan B. Hopefully, it's something you'll never need, but just like a gun, better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. Mark is giving out a free report. Click here to receive it.

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Art Berman is a geologist who's been in the oil industry for decades. His recent article debunked the rising productivity myth of shale oil. Art's explanation is quite simple. While there have been productivity improvements, most of the savings have occurred as a result of the oil services industry depression. They have cut their prices to the bone in order to survive. This situation is unsustainable and cannot last. Companies will go out of business and consolidate. 

Then we discussed the transition to renewables and electric vehicles. While it sounds great, we're looking at a multi-decade transition at the least, barring some project or major leap forward. Everyone wants to see a transition, but there are transition costs that need to be understood. 

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With March Madness behind us, it’s now April Madness as the April 18th tax filing deadline is nearly upon us. Mark Steber Chief Tax Officer of Jackson Hewitt joins us to explain what you can do to speed up the tax refund process. 

Procrastinators may be celebrating the three extra days they get to file their taxes this year, but there are more of them this year, as the IRS reports nearly 6 million fewer returns have been filed to date this year versus last. Some of this is due to the IRS's efforts to reduce the incidence of Refund Fraud and Earned Income Tax Fraud as well. 

Get your record system ready now for next year. Use your smartphone to document all your expenses and outlays, mileage, etc. Then at the end of the year the process will much easier and you'll be rewarded with a larger refund. 

Mark also provides you with last minute filing tips to discuss the most common mistakes filers make; what deductions independent contractors and gig economy workers can take advantage of; and more.

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