The 1Q 2017 is over! Share markets continued to wrack up quiet gains, even though March was generally uneventful and flat. The USD put in a 2% decline for the quarter, with the Euro showing a 1.4% increase. Rates are holding steady with the yield curve starting to flatten. Bitcoin closed out the quarter at 1082 for a 13.2% increase. While metals prices ran out of steam in March they were up smartly for the quarter, Gold 8.5%, Silver 14.5% with Palladium the big winner at 17.4%. Copper was up 5%. WTI and Brent were down nearly 6% for the quarter. U308 snapped back with a 17.5% gain. Finally, Platinum's ratio is showing a potential buy signal at just .76 against gold. 

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Debt is still growing way faster than GDP. Therefore, we're just digging a bigger hole. For most of the past 6 months it looked like we had a real recovery going. But that was an illusion. The Atlanta Fed has lowered it's 1Q Growth Projection to less than 1 percent. That's a recessionary number that won't help the economy create new jobs or to create new industries or service new debt. The debt to gdp ratio continues to increase. Unless we radically increase worldwide growth rates, we're stuck on a treadmill and a crisis will eventually occur. 

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