We've been working together with First Mining Finance since they started their acquisition plan. We never had any doubt that they were going to build a great company. Now President Patrick Donnelly brings us up to date on the latest developments. After acquiring 8 companies and 12 projects in less than a year, FFM isn't resting on its laurels. They've been doing some drilling at several sites and the initial results are quite encouraging. The idea is to show the potential to interested parties who will then take the ball and run with it. Pickle Crow was a working mine for 3 decades and still has plenty of gold as well as a mill. It's a great project for a mining company looking to get off the ground. Drilling is taking place elsewhere as well. And of course the company is always on the look out for promising acquisitions. While the stock price is well above its 52 week low, its also well below its 52 week high, which could mean that at around 81 cents Canadian, this is a great entry point for the next price run up. We'll have to see what the market has in store, but everything that President Trump is doing bodes well for precious metals. 

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