Trump's trade agenda may be hitting bumpy waters ahead. He's got enemies on the right and enemies on the left. Not to mention the globalists at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. The disclosure forms that are required these days are a big mess, but  we do need to know who our government officials have been in bed with. NAFTA has turned out to be a raw deal for the country. Trump is determined to turn it around. Stumo believes that he will turn it around. But there's much more to come. Michael believes that Trump will get much of his way. 

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Vincenzo Villamena is an American CPA and the Managing Partner of Online Taxman. He came on to discuss FATCA and other international tax issues. FATCA has placed an undue burden upon Americans doing business overseas making it difficult for them to open bank accounts and conduct financial business. It's also turned the world's banks into an international snitch network. Something needs to change but is it too late? 

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Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) are the most narcissistic - according to a study that consulted both millennials and their grandparents' generations. But there is one thing they disagree on: the extent of their narcissism. Older generations think millennials' narcissism goes beyond what millennials themselves will admit.

Millennials do view themselves as a bit more narcissistic than generations before them, but not to the extent that older generations do, according to new research presented Jan. 29 at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) in San Diego.

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Jason Hartman is always on the cutting edge of investment trends. For so many years he's been espousing his unique successful investment philosophy. I've personally seen  dozens of people invest in single family homes for cash flow and build up incredible wealth using Jason's systems. Now, his investor group is actually financing these deals, which is an incredible opportunity. It enables you to bypass the bank and the lengthy loan review process. You simply find a property, put up your down payment and put in your loan request and meet a simplified loan criteria and it's done. Truly revolutionary. 

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