Joel Pollack, editor at visits FSN to give a post mortem of what really happened at the Democratic Convention. And the truth ain't pretty. Contrary to what the mainstream media conveyed, there was much division and angst. Bernie's followers were up in arms and were not  gladly following Hillary. Not to mention the demonstrators who protested throughout the convention. Net takeaway, there's trouble in paradise. 

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Andy Schectman of noted bullion dealer MilesFranklin joined us in Vancouver. He just developed a new storage option with Brinks Canada that is completely off the grid. It's a one key safe deposit box, unlike conventional boxes where the depositor gets a key and the bank has a key. Because Brinks is not a financial institution, you need not report the existence of the safe deposit box on your tax return. It's exempt from various laws such as FATCA. The box is physically located in the Brinks facility in Vancouver Canada, so it's an easy trip over the border. Something to consider. 

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We sat down live with the Mercenary Geologist in Vancouver to go over the month's market action. Surprise, the stock markets are going up again, the Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 were the big winners around 6 percent. But the TSX.V is killing it! The metals are coming back, especially platinum, but gold and silver didn't do too badly as well. Dollar was down a little, Euro up a bit. Oil hit the skids. Bitcoin down a little. Listen to the rest and see what all the other markets did. 

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After the recent presidential conventions Dr. Lameiro is convinced that the demise of the parties is upon us. The democrats were completely out of touch with what's happening around the world with terrorism and with law and order and the republicans are out of touch with their support of crony capitalism and illegal immigration. All of it is looking more and more like the parties have outlived their usefulness. 

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What a difference 6 months can make. The gold/silver mining industry was in a major bear market for the past 5 years. Now it appears to be back with a vengeance. At the recent Sprott Resource Conference in Vancouver 50 plus quality mining companies had booths and over 700 people attended. This represented a dramatic turnaround from prior years. The question is will it stick? We'll have to what happens next. 

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