Gregory Mannarino checked out of Wall Street long ago. Now he's based out of Las Vegas and still does his trading daily. He's still amazed by the madness that passes for markets. Of there are no longer free markets, but that doesn't stop him from profiting from what's left. But it requires major discipline and nerves of steel. As well as regular purchases of precious metals. Definitely a prescription for the future. 

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In the current economic client, time is every business owner’s best friend. The more you can do with your time will only help your business flourish. 

As small business entrepreneur learning how to create hours of available time for you to turn into revenue is ideal. Insight into how to make more money in your business, how to systematize your business, have better operations, and also to learn the most advanced marketing tools would give you a step up in the business world. 

Coaching Guru Dr. Terri Levine uses her extensive knowledge to provide insight into how you can optimize your business’ growth while freeing up some time. Her experience in the industry lends her the skills necessary to assist you through the steps needed to build a strong and competitive business.

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Jason Hartman was back. While stock prices continue to increase and conventional measures like P/E ratios keep going sky high, dividend yields are at record lows, so what's an investor to do? Well for real estate investors who invest in the boring markets that Jason loves, it's full steam ahead. They just continue to chug along getting very respectable returns with a very low risk profile. While price discovery is temporarily dead in the stock market, it will one day again rear its ugly head and then it will clear the decks. 

Make sure you go over to and enter for free tickets to Jason's latest event. His events are always worth the price of admission. 

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Where's It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Monday's article - Treatise on Money Storage (are you protected?)
Tuesday's article - Cartel on the Precipice (self-explanatory)
Today's Audioblog - Is today the Fed's "Jimmy Shaker Day?" (advocation of negative rates!)
Deutschebank stock plunging anew

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