Ranting Andy Hoffman joined us for a Tuesday rant. The situation is ugly and getting uglier. Treasuries are getting slammed and gold and silver are starting to rise. Who would have ever thought such a thing could happen? And yet, here it is larger than life. That's because the real economy continues to contract and there's no appetite for the powers that be-the global financial elite-to address the underlying problems. Government is the solution to all that ails man and nothing in their narrow world view is going to change that. Except the global financial cataclysm that's coming your way. Be prepared, both with precious metals and your personal survival plan. That's all you can do.

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Gold is trading over $1630 and silver broke $29. These are key resistance points and indicate that the short term trend is up. Like I've told you over and over again, I am awful at short term trading. I'm better at the casino, because at least then I can enjoy losing my money. But the trend certainly appears to have turned, although we could expect a minor pullback to the $1600 level just to shake off the few remaining weak players. Platinum has been on a major up cycle too. It was under $1400 last week, selling $200 the ounce less than gold. This was just too much for the value metals traders to leave alone. Now it's over $1500.

Brandon Raub was a former marine engineer who served his country honorably. He was in Iraq and Afghanistan. He now finds himself committed to a mental hospital for 30 days, the result of being arrested by the FBI, Secret Service and local sheriff's deputies, all for anti-government Facebook posts. They were quite mild compared to a number of rants that have been recorded by the collectivists. He believes that 9/11 was an inside job, which we take issue with. But he is certainly entitled to his beliefs and to express them. And from what we've seen, none of them appeared to be incitements to violence, which we are completely opposed to. We wish Brandon the best and hope that this is not th beginning of the end of our few remaining rights. 

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