What can you do in this environment to protect your wealth? David Stryzewski comes on the show to talk about this. For the last 50 years, things have been stable, but now it looks as if we’re headed into a hurricane while flying autopilot. This is because we’re not fully internalizing what is taking place, and all of the information we get from the Federal Reserve is in hindsight. In order to make real, valuable, change, we need to look to the future. Tune in to find out how you can do so.

-The market is really iffy right now; if it breaks through here, we could see a major decline
-The dollar is at record highs
-We’ve seen major turmoil and disruptions throughout history, but for the last 50 years, things have been stable
-When something like a hurricane comes, we have time to anticipate it and prepare
-Right now, we’re seeing the convergence of many cross winds—things coming together at a unique time in history
-We need to analyze and internalize what’s actually taking place if we want to do something that will make a difference for our circumstances
-Inflation is a real thing that is affecting everyone—it’s supposedly going down, but food and energy have been fueling this and have been tapering back
-Interest rates are the other part of this equation, and they’re changing. This is a problem for people buying a home and businesses trying to metabolize
-The Federal Reserve can focus on the demand portion, but they can’t affect the supply side
-It’s important right now to pay attention to corporate earnings; they’re going to have to come down
-All of the information (i.e. CPI) is in hindsight
-Geopolitical components are significant, and are changing rapidly
-We’re seeing a time frame where everything is changing; there is a hurricane in the distance, and we’re flying into it on autopilot. We need a ‘pilot’ that understands what’s happening, and can help us navigate through this situation
-David is not excited about corporate bonds, and doesn’t want to own a big mutual fund that has a little bit of everything - this means it has the good and the bad
-There has never been a better time to own a fixed index annuity
-Silver actually gets used more
-Miners have an opportunity to do some wonderful things

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