John D. Kuhns sits down and chats with me about Chinese infrastructure—which is lacking in strength and often misrepresented by the media. John provides an insider perspective; as someone who is working to save Bougainville, he notices a lot of the corrupt methodologies of the Chinese when it comes to building and infrastructure. He also predicts that China is at its peak as a commercial enterprise. Tune in for more insight.

-In addition to being a novelist, John D. Kuhns has extensive experience working overseas and in various fields
-He’s handled various hydro-projects and electric projects in China
-John thinks China is probably right at its peak as a commercial enterprise due to a few reasons, one being demographic trends
-Additionally, the no-COVID policy has slowed the country down
-Lastly, most economists estimate that the pervasive fraud takes about 20% of the cash out of the system manually, which isn’t sustainable
-There are quality issues with the Three Gorges Dam
-They have no interest in doing rudimentary, basic maintenance. They simply want to get it built rather than focusing on its infrastructure
-The dam is built on two earthquake faults; we’re seeing cracking and draughts
-John D. Kuhns has also been making efforts to save Bougainville
-If the mine there was rejuvenated today, it would be one of the top ten silver/copper suppliers in the world
-His latest book They Call Me Ishmael, is about the current president of Bougainville; there hasn’t been much literature on Bougainville due to the crisis

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