Commodity prices have gone down and interest rates have gone up, but what else is going on? Is inflation peaking? Erik Hadik comes on the show to talk about this, and reports that multiple gauges for inflation indicate that it is most likely at its peak. Erik urges us, however, to not read too far into these cycles—pointing out that cycle highs don’t necessitate an immediate down trend to follow. Tune in for more expert insight.

-Erik Hadik said inflation was going to peak in Q3; is this true? Commodity prices have gone down and interest rates have gone up, but what else is going on?
-There are many gauges for inflation
-Each indicator/cycle gives you a certain amount of information or data, but don’t read into it too much. When you’re in an up trend, it could top at ten in one month and then pull back to eight—trading between these
-A cycle high doesn’t tell you that there is a down trend to immediately follow
-The dollar is making highs and was trading above par with the dollar; it looks like things are coming up
-This could be the terminal rally in the dollar leading to a multi-year rally starting next year
-We still have a few months left and a few rate hikes
-The trajectory of rate hikes isn’t going to stay the same, or even remain as intense
-Oil has remained below the significant cycle high
-There’s a good chance for cryptocurrency to see a run=up in the coming months

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What do you do when markets get volatile? Dutch Masters, the CEO of Carnivore Traders, sits down and chats with me about some of the trading strategies they use within his group to combat the effects of this volatility. Tune in to learn about what types of stocks to watch in this market, and to get knowledgable expertise from Dutch.

-We’ve been long, short, long/short at the same time…when the markets get volatile like this, it’s difficult to find a trend either way
-To combat this, they shorten their trading time frame
-In a bull market, they go after SAS companies—stocks that are very volatile and move many points a day
-Many people don’t understand the dynamics of the stock market, which is crucial in comprehending how individual stock prices move

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