You can never invest too much in human capital. But what are the specific steps you can take to effectively invest in yourself and others? Robert Bendetti comes on the show to provide specific direction regarding this, and talks about learning, leading, listening, and leaving—the 4 L’s of investing in human capital. Robert emphasizes the importance of continually educating yourself as you advance in your career, and taking time to listen and understand others. The tips he gives are applicable to one’s career, but also apply to many other areas of life. Listen in for more insight from Robert.

-You can never invest too much in human capital. Every time you invest in yourself, the benefits and return on investment are at least 10x.
-The four key concepts presented by Robert are learning, leading, listening, and leaving
-These can apply to individuals as well as teams/businesses
-Learning is lifelong. Wherever you are in your career, there is still more to learn. There is formal training, which is extremely important (i.e. higher education or professional certification) and then there is subject learning—acquiring knowledge of the latest happenings in your field
-It’s important to give back in the aspect of learning, and you can do this by being a mentor to others and sharing your experiences. You can also seek out a mentor for yourself.
-You can offer to volunteer in cross-functional teams and learn about the other positions in your field
-If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to look for the client that is in the worst situation. You can often learn the most by taking on the harder tasks
-Remember that you are not the smartest person in the room. Listening to others can be very powerful and presents the opportunity to hear other perspectives
-Talk to your customers and listen. It’s important to take time to listen to your team members as well
-How do you get yourself focused?
-Leaving implies that there are some things that you need to eventually stop doing. This can include too much media consumption. This will free up time for you to listen and learn
-Things you may also need to leave include a job, negative habits, a negative mindset, or toxic people
-Now may be the time to speak or write on what you know; there are many websites that facilitate in getting your voice heard
-Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are things that people often take for granted, which is something that you can change in your own life today

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