Previously, we were seeing the potential for a new cycle in commodities with metal prices going up. 90 days later, the Federal Reserve is trying to fix what they created in the first place. Gold and stocks have somewhat of an inverse relationship, with worsening bear markets for stocks creating better conditions for gold stocks. With the lingering question of what the Fed is going to do, and where the markets are headed, there is a lot to cover. You don’t want to miss anything, so be sure to tune in to this episode.

-Everybody is wondering when/if the Fed is going to pivot
-Congress’ first order of business is to get re-elected
-If you’re leveraged or over-leveraged right now, it’s not a good feeling
-The worse the bear markets get in stocks, the better it is for gold stocks
-Gold price always bounces back and goes a lot lower than one would expect
-Values/fundamentals don’t mean anything—the only thing that matters is the cash and leverage you can acquire in these instances
-While everybody is selling, you’ll have cash and will be able to make rational decisions
-The Federal Reserve was initially there as a backup
-The goal of the Fed then shifted to keeping prices and employment stable. Finally, they decided they needed to keep stock prices going up permanently
-We may have had a bottom because two days ago there was a rally
-The stock market is ridiculously oversold and due for a bear market rally

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