Bitcoin is down in the low twenty thousands, and cryptos are in the dumps. Is it your chance to buy, or is this a good time to flee? Gregory Johnson—Co-Founder and CEO of Rubicon Crypto—appears in this episode to help us imagine the future of crypto and how to wisely invest. One entering the industry has to be mindful of its volatility, and maintain a long term perspective in order to strategize. Gregory gives excellent advice about digital assets, which will become even more prevalent as time goes on. Tune in to hear more.

-People need to take a step back and use common sense when it comes down to crypto—regardless of which side of the industry you’re coming into
-People need to think about how dependent we’re going to be on technology in the future, and how much of this technological development will be digital
-There is no absolute guarantee that crypto is going to do things differently than other equity assets people have in their portfolios
-Anyone entering the space should not just be prepared for volatility, but the most extreme volatility they’ve seen when investing
-You have to have a very long term perspective
-It’s important to know the difference between a currency and an asset; assets aren’t divisible or portable, and can’t be spent in the way that currency can
-The evolution of these technologies is only going to continue
-Future reward programs will have a tokenized NFT aspect
-There is a new economy that will involve blockchains, and this is already being implemented with larger corporations

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