Ivan Bebek Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer of Coppernico Metals, formerly known as Sombrero Resources, was on to bring you the latest sponsor update. (We own shares). First off, Ivan explained the recent name change. Coppernico plays off the words copper and nickel and the legendary mathematician/astronomer Copernicus, who discovered that the planets revolve around the sun. It’s all part of his plan to make legendary discoveries of copper and nickel.

There have been a number of recent personnel changes, which will prove crucial to Coppernico's future. Marie-Hélène Turgeon is now a director and ESG advisor. She has 20+ years of environment management and compliance, working with Latin American mining concerns. She will help the company finalize its community agreements. Tim Kinglesy comes on as VP of Exploration. He has 18+ years of precious and base metal exploration in the Americas (Peru, Canada and Alaska). Upon joining the company, he stated, “I'm not here to drill 50-meter step-outs. I want to drill 500 to 1000-meter step-outs and go find something really big.” Completing the team is Margaux Villalpando, investor relations manager, with extensive mining sector experience in client and stakeholder relations.

Coppernico’s TSX listing is contingent upon its access to the Sombrero project, which is awaiting community consent. It’s a complicated process to which the company has already devoted much time and effort. Ivan believes project access will soon be a fait accompli, as the affected communities have already benefited greatly from Coppernico’s efforts, and have so much more to gain.

As usual, there’s much more coming. The team is currently reviewing a number of other potential large-scale South American projects. As Ivan said, “The opportunities have never been greater.” If anyone could do these projects, the upside wouldn’t be so enormous. The reconstituted team is now quickly working towards a successful conclusion.


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Wondering how to make a fortune on Wall Street? Guest Roger Khoury joins us for this episode to give us tips and tricks to make smart investments from an analytic perspective. It’s important to be consistent, and to understand what drives the market. It is ultimately the relationship between demand and price that dictates the future of the markets, and an awareness of this correlation can help you make more calculated investments. Be sure to listen in for more expert insight on how to navigate the markets in the current economic circumstances.

-Trading and investing are risky, but Roger Khoury has a number of tips that can help you make a fortune on Wall Street

-The key is to be consistent; this is what helps you grow an account
-You need to understand what drives the market; ultimately, demand causes prices to rise and fall
-There are eight major forces of supply and demand affecting prices
-The market can’t be manipulated past a certain level
-If you know where demand is in real time, you can usually determine where price is going next
-You need to look for significant imbalances between price and demand
-The process is what delivers the results

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