I sit down and chat with Christopher Nelson about equity, and how opportunities within this can yield great success when you choose your investment wisely. It’s important to own assets that produce passive income, so that your yield can be a direct reflection of your hard work and decisions. Tech startup companies and the mobile home park sector are of particular interest in this regard, and you can tune in to hear more about how to educate yourself and make smart investments.

-When you look around at investment opportunities to get a decent return, it doesn’t always look great. Christoper Nelson is here to talk about how equity is everything, and how to choose your investment wisely
-We need to stop trading time for dollars, and instead own assets that produce capital while we sleep
-He decided to get an education in computer science; there was still an active job market, and technology recovered
-He realized that as hard as he was working, he wasn’t making as much as people that went to work for startup companies
-He created a due diligence for technology companies he went to work for, and the outcome was extremely successful
-Christopher’s favorite sector at the moment is the mobile home park sector
-The housing shortage will most likely continue and worsen

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