The government says inflation is running around 8%. But we all know the dirty truth that inflations is running closer to 15%. This impacts the middle class and working class hardest. And there's no let up in site. Michael believes that the Fed waited too long and is doing too little. They're playing catch-up and not doing a very good job of it. The question is how high must rates go to slay the inflation dragon and can the Fed actually raise rates that high? What will happen to the US economy and the global economy if they do. Housing is slowing down, but in certain areas, it has actually increased. Real rates are still around negative 10 percent.

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I have John Rubino on the show to give us the latest information on exactly what we have been fearing with the rise of inflation: stagflation. Mortgage and interest rates are above 5%, and this economic environment is the worst to be in—negatively impacting everyone in some way. On top of that, we’re simultaneously seeing political turmoil, and it looks as if we’re in for some tough times. Tune in for more insight.

-Stagflation is officially here; mortgage and interest rates are above 5%. How will this impact the US/global economy and various industries?
-Stagflation is one of the worst environments for an economy to be in because it negatively affects everyone
-It generates political turmoil on top of financial turmoil
-Inflation is going up and growth expectations are falling, which is a visual depiction of stagflation
-The Ukraine war is looking like a quagmire

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