Right before Biden’s electoral victory, JPMorgan had called another 5% price hike in a “blue wave”.

Though Trump loves gold and adorns everything with the precious metal, the precious metal itself was banking on a Biden win.

Why? Because what it loves more than anything is the Biden-backed promise of monetary stimulus

Historically, gold has risen consistently on similar economic packages…

And today is no different.

But the best way to take advantage of a transformative year for gold is at the center of the next major discovery …

Where will the next major gold discovery be?

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Lockdowns spreading: Starting today CA has closed bars, hair salons, restaurants. Some California and NY Sheriffs have refused to enforce.

Too good to check: In San Fran, smoking indoors is now banned – except for weed.

Weak jobs report guarantees stimulus. But the coming bill won’t be big enough to impress the stock market. We got the no civil war relief rally. 

Bank of Japan is now the biggest single holder of Japanese stocks.

IPO boom and “deal frenzy” for start-ups are more signs of a market bubble. Beware of SPAC’s. You’re just throwing money at someone and hoping for the best. Time for the Elon Musk SPAC, oh that’s right it’s called Tesla. 

5G and Musk’s satellite internet service could help further hasten the urban decline in the US urban areas.


WHO to speed up vaccine trials by giving covid to healthy people. Death could be a side effect. Gene therapy has killed many people in early testing. No vaccince

VIdeo and other evidence about the election and vote tallies. We’re not out of the civil war phase yet. Electoral th-ft, is it real or is it memorex?

Gold and silver rebound. Is it the beginning of the next upward leg or just a bounce from an oversold market? It’s a secular bull market, but we’ll need to wait before deciding. 

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