We could see Election Day chaos. If ransomware gets into any of the swing state’s computer system, the results could be disastrous. Every cyber security expert is focused on the election and are not sleeping soundly. If access to voter data get restricted via ransomeware, it will cast doubt into the election results or even worse. Many swing states in the last election were won by less than one percent. Microsoft and the DHS worked together to shut down a botnet recently. The network was spewing out malware and capturing peoples’s data on a mass scale. The election system across the country is composed of thousands of different systems of various age and quality. It’s documented and that information is available to hackers and other bad actors. This enables Russia and China to target vulnerabilities and possibly sabotage the results. Should this happen, we might need a do over. Back to paper ballots? It’s all about planning. Has the government planned adequately. You need to plan ahead. Just think of paper towel and toilet papers shortages that we saw from Covid, on steroids. Prepare, prepare, prepare…

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Junior Miner Junky's David Erfle joined us for a precious metals market review. David is seeing a repeat performance of the 2016 election pattern in precious metals. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the movement. He's seeing more of a pullback, possibly down to the 1750-1800 level. Gold is like Natgas, just when you think you have it figured out, that's when everything goes to hell. Right now, the stocks are lagging the metals and this is the opposite of what you want to see for higher metals prices. But  there is hope, David believes that when this consolidation is over, we'll seen even higher metals prices and possibly record high prices. Sometime after the election when things get back to normal.

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