Gold Terra Corp's CFO, Mark T. Brown joined us for an update on Gold Terra’s Yellowknife project (sponsor). After raising C$7 million in a recent oversubscribed capital raise, the company is aggressively moving forward. Mark is the right person at the right time, as he formerly oversaw finances at Miramar Mining for the highly profitable adjacent Yellowknife Con Mine.

Drill results have been delayed due to COVID and increased mining activity, but will be out shortly. The Company is extremely optimistic about them. CEO Gerald Panneton of Detour Gold fame, said "...this project is more exciting than Detour Lake." And considering that Detour was acquired by Kirkland Lake for nearly $5 billion, that means a lot. With all this going for it, Gold Terra is certainly worth a look.

Ticker Symbols:  OTC - YGTFF  TSX.V - YGT

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From October 30th to November 3rd, the market is likely to be done. If the market goes to the highest levels then it’s time to short. Calling Trump to win even after Covid. Gold will be climbing no matter who wins come November and December. Right now markets are rallying, if they take out their highs, it’s time to short. Pre-Covid it almost certain Trump would win. In any case, cash, gold and silver are preferred. Time to protect your assets. Covid will be over in the coming year. Oil will be up next year $40-$50 a barrel. The next 20 years will see decentralized living. Entertainment is going to be big in the coming year. Safety and security is looking up. Healthcare is up after the election. Computer tech is already high, but China’s coming ills could affect the Apples of the world. China is in for a very challenging time. Expect them to be bellicose and belligerent.

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WHO says no more lockdowns

Robinhood Hacked

Mail-in ballot fraud

My wife has gotten two ballots from Idaho, where she hasn’t lived for a year. I haven’t gotten any, even though we had the same address until last September. Election is close and chaotic. 

Costco UK selling gold and silver

Costco in UK now selling gold and silver bars. What happens if they start doing this in the US? Could be a big deal for the PM market. 

Uber for evictions

Realtors specializing in private islands overwhelmed by rich fleeing covid

This one ties into the story about rich people overwhelming the private island market:

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