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On electoral votes Trump should win again. Turnout will be at least 55% or even 61%. The model has never been wrong. It also shows that this election will be the most corrupt election in history, with Big Tech conspiracies and mail fraud and who knows? It may take 2 weeks to know who actually won. Hard to say because it’s so rigged and they are so desperate to toss out Trump, in furtherance of their international agenda. 

Biden’s crime family is doing what all political crime families in DC do. This is how the corruption takes place. It’s not just Biden, it’s all of Congress. Report your income and that of your spouse but not the rest of the family, like son Hunter and brother James. 

Martin believes that a 2/3 majority should be required to change tax and economic policy. Shouldn’t be taxing worldwide income. This why companies move, to avoid confiscatory taxation. 

Long term pandemic economic affect, according to Martin the economy won’t bottom until 2022. All man made and unecessary. Masks are useless. In France get caught 3 times and go to prison. Clearly there’s another agenda at work here. According to a memo that Martin has seen, the lockdowns have been a success and they’re going to use them to help implement Climate Change policy. What does the WHO have to do with Climate Change and why are they involved? 

Socialists, climate change people and eungencists all working together to force their agenda upon the world. Digital currency may be coming to Europe 1/1/2021. They want to get a piece of every transaction in the world. 

What do Joe SixPack and Steve Chardonnay do? Normally there would be a two year correction, but this time is different. A blue wave will be awful for the markets and the economy. If Trump wins the stock market goes up due to capital flight from the rest of the world. Capital is running around the world looking for safe haven. The market can go up and peak in 13 years. Between 2022 and 2024, commodities will be rising. Bad weather and commodities cycle, caused by a shortages. Economically we’re down in 2022. From there scarcity driven markets. Major political change in 2022. 

California is on the way down. They’re having rolling blackouts and they’re passing EV mandates for 2034. Totally irrational. Part of the lockdown has been to stop people from driving and ending the work commute. 

Unemployment globally has exceeded 300 million. Why have politicians signed on to the agenda. Monetary crisis and sovereign debt crisis coming together in 2021. Zero and negative interest rates have failed. They can’t raise rates because that will crash the economies. Perpetual bonds are in the offing. Responsible people in governments all over the world are quitting. The monetary system can not go on in its current form much longer. Europe and Japan have destroyed their bond markets. They can’t sell it any more. 

Civil unrest after the electio will a major increase after the election. What started as BLM has been usurped by anarchists. All of it is designed to overthrow our democracy. This is what they’re pushing for. In order to do climate change it mush go through the UN. Biden is fully on board. 

World Economic Conference December 4 & 5. Join us!

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