Tesla just broke $500 per share. The Tesla fan boys believe it's headed to infinity. Does that sound familiar? They're probably the same people who were buying Bitcoin at $19000 and look where they are now. One constant in investing is that the tree does not grow to the sky. According to Nick Santiago, Tesla will hit $542-3 and then dive. That's not to say it's not a great company and it's plans for world dominance won't eventually succeed. Just don't bet all of your IRA or 401k on it, especially at these lofty levels. People who invest at the top of a parabolic move, inevitably wind up falling off a cliff. 

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When the music stops someone is going to be left without a seat. Don’t let it be you! Watchout for the high volume reversal day. If you look at the S&P 500, the volume in the SPY’s (SPDR - Spider)has been light. When it breaks 100 million shares on a big down day, look out below. Everyting has been going Trump’s way - a real Teflon Don. People are becoming immune to the political stunts. But there are bigger underlying problem ahead. Coming to us from Europe and Japan. Negative interest rates are toxic. Nick is looking for continued gold consolidationin early 2020, but it will be going higher later in the later in year into 2021. The longer the sideways trend continues, the higher gold will go. The skies the limit. Silver is always the red-headed step child. The mining stocks will follow. 

P.S. Watch out for Tesla. It's on a parabolic move until it breaks $542-543. Buy a Tesla and get some free tulip. 

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