They’ve gone too far. Virginia wants to ban semi-automatic weapons, indoor shooting ranges and even martial arts training. The people have had it and now there’s a demonstration set where over 1 million people are going to attend. Talk of calling out the National Guard or the police is absurd. We also talked extensively about proper defensive actions to take during a church shooting. Don’t be a fish in a barrel. Have your exit strategy in place. A moving target is always harder to hit. It always helps to have a plan. 

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2019 was an outstanding year for stock market appreciation. What will 2020 bring? Jim believes that the 1st quarter is going to be slow growth since the China deal won’t kick in right away. Then there’s the seasonal factors, where Q1 is usually the slowest of the year. And of course, profits weren’t up last year, only PE ratios. Can that happen again? What’s your prediction, where do you see the market heading. Let us know. 

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