First time guest, Bob has written a number of books about what going to happen next. We're in a buy now pay later economy. But eventually the bill is going to come due. No one is worrying about the debt right now but at some point it's going to be an issue. Borrowing helps for now but in the long run it's going to make a difference. Right now the money printing is on hold, but we're going to have to print more and then we're going to see inflation and that's when the problem really begins. And there won't be a Paul Volcker there to save us. And then there will be a collapse. And you can guess what happens then. 

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The problem with regulation is that in Canada you need to be licensed to call yourself a Financial Adviser, but to call yourself a Financial Advisor there is no such requirement. Things are a little different in the US, but the real issue isn't your licensing status, but rather the concept of fiduciary duty and putting the client's interest above your own. 

Tariffs are about to take hold and there will be blood. Canada's economy is going to take a hit and to a lesser extent, so will the USA's. The system is unsustainable. It's not just here in the Western Hemisphere, it's all over the world. Whatever happened to the concept of creating competition instead of we're creating corruption. Beware of a rising tide because eventually it will subside. 

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Kitco's director of global trading Peter Hug returned to the show. Commenting on the recent metals decline, he believes it was triggered by the ECB's continued quantitative easing program which makes the dollar particularly attractive to European participants. Of course it's somewhat predicated on the Fed's continued effort to normalize interest rates. Between interest rate hikes and trade concerns, the Fed has made a conscious decision to be more tolerant of higher consumer prices. All of these factors bode well for gold and silver. Up coming seasonal trends should see them go higher after the summer doldrums have passed. 

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